behind the name 

the name truvai originates from the french word "trouvaille" pronounced /tro͞oˈvī/:

a lucky find; a chance encounter with something wonderful.

the meaning of this word perfectly encapsulates the story of truvai & the inspiration we hope each piece of jewellery brings, sparking wonderful chance encounters whether near or far.

our story

truvai is a woman-owned canadian brand founded by jenny lillian, a mother of three who is behind every aspect of the brand — design, photography, website + socials, packaging & everything in-between.

where it all began

truvai began as a vision to create a socially conscious brand that would embrace the essence of slow fashion — ensuring every piece was handmade in micro batches to minimize waste & designed with a timeless aesthetic that would transcend fleeting trends.

jenny founded truvai in 2021, initially working with a family of artisans she met in vietnam. inspired by chance encounters with various other global artisans — from berber rug makers in the atlas mountains of north africa, to lantern makers hidden in the alleyways of southeast asia, she endeavoured to collaborate with off-the-beaten-path artisans around the world with the goal of ensuring that giveback was built in to the making of each piece.

with a focus on having positive social impact while using socially conscious materials, jenny works with artisans who use traditional handmade techniques & locally sourced materials — we use materials that are recycled + upcycled whenever possible & endeavour to support small scale artisanal miners & farmers.

each piece is thoughtfully designed by jenny while taking care to incorporate the ancient jewellery making methods of each artisan group.

truvai represents the wonderful things that can happen when people & cultures collide. we believe in slowly-made jewellery — empowering global artisans & honouring the stories behind each & every piece.